Pathway to Belief

by Laurie Hamdani @, Chicago, Monday, April 23, 2012, 14:27 (2310 days ago)

Would anyone visiting here care to share their story of becoming a believer? I am sure others may be interested and inspired. Look for my story soon.

Salaam and thank you.

Pathway to Belief

by Mohammad, IL USA, Tuesday, May 01, 2012, 02:46 (2302 days ago) @ Laurie Hamdani

Sister Hamdani Assalam I would like to share the story of your coming to fold of Islam. Thanks

Pathway to Belief

by Laurie Hamdani @, Chicago, Tuesday, May 01, 2012, 22:58 (2302 days ago) @ Mohammad

This is the abridged version of my story.

As a child I was raised in the Presbyterian Church. I attended Sunday school and church services regularly. In adolescence, my church attendance lessened in frequency, although I still attended on major holidays. This was in part due to my age (and the desire to sleep on Sunday mornings).As I matured, I continued to self-identify as a Christian but began to question Christian theology. Three major tenets of faith had never resonated with me:

  • the trinity
  • original sin
  • the redemption of sins through the death of Christ

The trinity just confused me. How could one God be three? How could God have a son and how could that son, a mortal man, also be God? And what about that Holy Ghost?

As for original sin, how could anyone come into the world guilty of sin based on Eve’s action in the Garden of Eden? I simply didn’t grasp how something that happened 2000 years ago to someone else made me guilty. This same sentiment also created confusion around the redemptive powers of Jesus. How could the death of a man (even when that man was a prophet of God) somehow erase all of MY sins today?

These questions nagged at me and no one seemed to have very clear answers. Consequently, as a young woman, I drifted away from church attendance and Christian theology although I never lost belief in God. [Interestingly, my parents have also changed their faith affiliations throughout the years and are now Unitarians.]

I had little experience with Islam until I met my future husband. When we agreed to marry, my family had some concerns about religious differences. However, I had already learned that many of our views were concordant. Whether he chooses to tell his story or not is up to him; suffice it to say that we have both modified our views as we have read, learned, and been exposed to ideas which were different from our upbringing. I think we were typical in our younger years in that we both identified with a particular faith primarily because it had been inculcated in us by our parents and our elders throughout our formative years. Only upon reaching our own ages of maturity did we begin to question what we had been taught in an effort to gain a deeper understanding. The more I learned about Islam, the more it felt like “home” to me. It seemed logical: one God, no trinity, no miracles, no intercession, and so on. Some issues did puzzle me for years, primarily I now know, due to mistranslation. That said, I am on a continuous journey toward deeper understanding. Each year during Ramadan as I read Quran in its entirety some issues crystalize while others cause consternation, thus I continue to be a student.

Salaam and thank you.

Pathway to Belief

by Mohammad, IL USA, Wednesday, May 02, 2012, 00:13 (2301 days ago) @ Laurie Hamdani

Thanks sister. Very much practical approach to seek & get enlightenment. A bright Pathway to Belief Alhamdulillah.

Pathway to Belief

by Laurie Hamdani @, Chicago, Wednesday, May 02, 2012, 14:16 (2301 days ago) @ Mohammad

Thank you for your kind words. Perhaps you might be willing to share something of your own journey?

Salaam and thank you.

Pathway to Belief

by Hicham, Denmark, Saturday, May 19, 2012, 20:16 (2284 days ago) @ Laurie Hamdani


I was born and raised in a sunni family.
As a child, i was often just told how things were without explanation.
It was the standard way of raising children in sunni families.

Things are as they are, without questioning.

Most of my cousins went to schools where there were other muslims like them.

My parents (god bless them) sent me to a private school where i was the only muslim for 11 years.

Often i'd be asked questions i didn't know the answers to. The way muslims acted was just because. As a kid the questions were fairly uncommon and rare.

But as i grew older, people grew more curious around me and i found the questions much more difficult.

After 9/11 the questions became really tough and i still had no answers for them, all i could say is that not all muslims are like that.

As i grew older i started getting more curious myself and looked for answers.. but i couldn't find any answers that would justify my own common sense.. i always felt, from when i was very young, that Islam just didn't make sense in practice, compared to what muslim clergys and elders preached to me..
If Islam was about love.. how come muslims were so hateful..
If Islam was all about peace and helping.. how come most of the criminal people i encountered nationally and internationally were muslims?
Terrorism isn't peace? etc..

As i couldn't find my answers i started drifting further away from Islam, to the point where i pretty much completly left it.. The only thing that stayed with me was Allah.. i felt a sense of dismay and sadness, as if i had betrayed myself and Allah everytime i did something i knew i wasn't supposed to do..

By 2008, a year after gymnasium, i started returning back to Islam, i wanted to find some answers to my questions, i wanted to quit my old life..

So i started reading alot about it and debatted alot on various internet forums..
Mind you, this was still sunni belief, so i still had my doubts, but i really tried to defend my beliefs..

One day i caught myself trying to defend and justify the story of our prohpet Muhammad(S) marrying 9-year old Aisha... As i was typing in my response, i realized i had completly thrown out every common sense i had out the window.. So i stopped looking for sunni answers and tried googling for my answers lol :p

As fate/destiny or whatever would have it.. Dr. Shabbirs website happened to turn up!
Since then i've had an answer for pretty much every question i've ever been asked.

I've done many wrongs in my life, and i accept whatever consequence Allah, most gracious, judges me with, as for now, i'm just happy to have found a way of life that helps define and build my character.

I've tried explaining this Islam to my parents and that i don't follow the hadiths anymore, but they do not understand, they think i'm still learning about Islam.

I once discussed this topic of Islam without hadith to some family of mine, they are(not all) members of hizb.. not a good idea :p

So for now my family is with Salaatforum and Ourbeacon!
Please continue to discuss important topics of Islam, my knowledge builds and evolves with every thread posted!

This is my story. I hope its understandable..

PS: Thank you for sharing your story with us Laurie.

Pathway to Belief

by Laurie Hamdani @, Chicago, Sunday, May 20, 2012, 14:47 (2283 days ago) @ Hicham

Brother Hicham,

Thank you for sharing your story and for your feedback! I hope you continue to visit and participate in this forum as we all benefit from the exepriences and knowledge of others.

Salaam and thank you.

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